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How To Get Rebate

Follow the steps below to get a rebate at the broker of your choice

  • The First step please choose a broker, and open an account according to your trading style, and take trading actions

  • The second step is to enter the PBC#KLAIM format to claim your account. Please fill in the data according to the questions from the rebate panel as shown above.

  • The third step is to enter the PBC#REBATE format to view your rebate balance. Please fill in the data according to the questions from the rebate panel as shown above.

  • The final step is to enter the PBC#WD format to withdraw funds to your account. Please fill in the data according to the questions from the rebate panel as shown above.

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Terms and Conditions

rebate tanpa syarat apapun adalah murni kebijakan dari KLIKPBC , tetapi tetap mangacu kebijakan dan aturan & aturan pembagian komisi IB partnert pada broker bersangkuta. Rebate yang diterima klien adalah 80% dari komisi IB yang kami terima, apabila komisi IB tidak kami terima atau diterima tetapi tidak sesuai perhitungan lot, berarti KLIKPBC tidak mempunyai kewajiban untuk untuk membagi atau menambah rebate kepada klien, dan klien tidak memiliki hak untuk melakukan komplain.

Question And Answer

some things that are frequently questioned by clients


Forex rebate or cashback forex rebate is the return of part of the commission or spread from the broker to the IB broker regardless of the trade profit or loss, because the calculation of the forex rebate cashback is calculated based on the number of lots traded on the forex broker, almost all of the largest forex brokers provide commissions to the forex broker. IBs such as FBS, OCTAFX, XM, INSTAFOREX, AXIMTRADE, XSOCIO MARKETS, EXNESS, JUSTFOREX, WINDSOR BROKERS, CDG GLOBAL, FOREXMART, MTRADING, ZFX, FIREWOOD, ICMARKETS, TICKMILL, WELTRADE, FX HOTFOREX, AX. , and others.

There are several methods of calculating rebates used by forex brokers, namely:

A. Rebate fix $ /lot in this calculation the forex broker has determined the amount of cashback rebate to be paid to the broker's IB based on the amount per lot such as $10/lot to $20/lot.

Example: client A trades on a major/minor forex pair with a total total transaction of 30 lots at a forex broker with a cashback forex rebate of $20/lot.
Calculation: 30 lots x $20 = $600 And there are also forex brokers who apply fixed rebates based on pairs so that in each pair traded the amount of rebate is different.
Example: client A trades on the EURUSD forex pair with a total total transaction amount of 5 lots and on GBPUSD 7 lots at a forex broker with cashback forex rebate EURUSD $10/lot and GBPUSD $12/lot.
Calculation: EURUSD 5lot x $10 = $50 GBPUSD 7lot x $12 = $84

B. rebate based on % of spread
in this calculation the forex broker uses % of the spread spread to provide cashback rebate commissions to the broker's IB.
Example: client A trades on the XAUUSD pair of 10 lots with a spread spread on the pair of 30 pips and the broker pays a cashback rebate or commission to the IB by 50% of the spread.

Calculation: spread 30 x 50% = 15 pips x 10lot = $150 Forex rebates are calculated after closing orders from trading transactions at the forex broker, please note that forex brokers apply a minimum limit for closing transactions as a condition for getting rebate commissions.
KlikPBC is a trusted Indonesian forex IB Broker who returns a forex rebate commission to clients of 80% of the total rebate we get through the largest forex brokers in Indonesia.

KlikPBC IB Trusted forex broker that provides the largest share of rebates to clients and has service facilities such as forex signals and free EA.

To get cashback forex rebates from our KlikPBC as an IB forex broker in Indonesia you must open an account through our affiliate with the following steps:

A. Account Opening
We provide trusted and regulated brokers as your choice to transact in the forex market, your absolute requirement is to open an account via our affiliate link or switch IB if you already have an account.

B. Claim Account
Account claims are used to check that the account you created is under our affiliate, Please complete the following form according to the data you entered when opening a trading account with the broker of your choice, please click on the broker of your choice to fill out this form.

C. Check Rebate
Start trading and get cashback rebate commission from our IB Forex Broker for every transaction you make, use our Check Rebate service to see your rebate earnings in detail, automatically updated once a day.

We have an automatic system service that makes it easier for you to withdraw/withdraw rebates whenever you want, daily, weekly or monthly, cashback rebate withdrawal services to local banks BANK BCA, BANK MANDIRI, BANK BRI, BANK BNI with competitive rates.

KlikPBC IB Trusted broker partners with the best forex brokers committed to always providing the best service in terms of:
- cashback rebate can be withdrawn every day
- Check automatic forex rebate
- Detailed and transparent cashback rebate report
- 80% cashback rebate sharing service
Trust and the principle of mutual benefit is our foundation in doing business/partnering.


Risky trading. Excessive volatility can increase the risk. Careful. As with all major economic releases, large price volatility can occur with this type of announcement. Volatility can work against you or in your favor.

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